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Mike Pavlish’s Supplement Copywriting (December 2011)

In this issue:

1. Which 6 types of supplement promotions are the most profitable now?

I currently have very profitable promotions for clients in the areas of 1) heart health, 2) digestion, 3) joint pain relief, 4) prostate relief, 5) memory/brain improvement and 6) improved sex for men.

If you have supplements for these conditions, you should consider promoting them heavy now. If you don’t, you should consider developing and promoting them as soon as possible while these categories are still “hot” for front-end promotions.

2. Why your online sales are not higher.

You are probably spending time and money on the WRONG variable. You should focus on increasing conversions from your website or online sales letter with better copywriting … BEFORE you spend more time and money on attracting visitors. In my experience, this is 10x more profitable.

And why do most websites and online sales letters not work great? The reasons include copywriting that is not benefit-oriented enough, not strong enough, does not differentiate the product, letting readers “off the hook” too easy, lack of urgency, SEO and PPC optimization for too many keywords that distracts the copywriting focus, unclear value propositions, and unclear website navigation. These can be fixed, but you have to invest the time and money, just like anything else.

3. Email down; Direct mail saving many supplement companies.

Email response rates have dropped sharply for many of my clients. They’ve (had to) switched to good old direct mail with excellent results. You should test direct mail too, as it could be the breakthrough you need. And you should NEVER have all of your promotional efforts in one media like online. Yes, it makes your business more complex, but there is no “easy button” for major, lasting business success.


New product mailing ideas from copywriter Mike Pavlish

- I think these new product ideas have very high profit potential
as direct marketing promotions. (I have recommended dozens
of big winners in the past.)
- I have no financial interest in any of these products.
- The examples below are copyrighted and shown only for information.
- I am not giving any advice on the legal compliance of these products.
- If you develop a promotion for any of these ideas, I request you have
me do the copywriting. Call me to discuss at (330) 963-0330.
My website is www.ProfitBoostersCopy.com

#1. Mitochondria Enhancer. Anti-aging, multi-benefit, supplement has excellent customer reviews. A similar product is:

#2. ALA / ALC nutrient combination. Anti-aging, multi-benefit. A similar product is Dr. Andrew Weil's Juvenon: www.weiljuvenon.com

#3. Multi-Nutrient. Helps memory, forgetfulness and foggy thinking.
A loss of synapses – connections between brain cells, leads to memory loss and other cognitive impairments. Richard Wurtman from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) formulated a mixture of three natural compounds: choline, uridine and docohexaenoic acid (DHA).
Collectively, these are precursors to the lipid molecules that, along with specific proteins, make up brain-cell membranes, which form synapses. To be effective, all three precursors must be administered together. Researched on 259 patients for 6 months. Patients taking the nutrient blend or a placebo, improved their verbal-memory performance for the first three months, but the placebo patients deteriorated during the following three months, whereas the nutrient blend patients continued to improve. News story:

#4. Cortisol Control nutrients. Helps a person with sleep, weight, fatigue, stress, tension, headaches, anxiety, memory loss, blood pressure and heart health. I could do a theme promotion on how cortisol-related stress is a very damaging in our modern day world, and unless you address it, your health problems may never get better.

#5. Whole Coffee Fruit Concentrate. Helps memory, cognitive function, mood, energy and weight. One example of this supplement is NeuroFactor ™, a patented, branded product of Whole Coffee Fruit Concentrate from the whole fruit of the coffee plant, Coffea arabica. In a double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot human clinical study, NeuroFactor increased levels of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) by 143% on average. BDNF is important for learning, memory, alertness, mood, controlling body weight, and controlling energy metabolism. No significant increase in BDNF was seen in subjects taking green coffee bean extract, natural coffee caffeine, grape seed extract, or chlorogenic acid. Supplier of one patented product with this ingredient: http://www.futureceuticals.com/products/featured-products

#6. Omega-7 from Palmitoleic Acid. For blood sugar problems, metabolic syndrome, and atherosclerosis by decreasing insulin resistance, decreasing hepatic fat accumulation, and decreasing chronic inflammation – without evident side effects. This has not been direct marketed much yet. It has great clinicals from Cleveland Clinic study. I'm confident I could write a very successful promotion for it. Publicity release: http://www.tersuspharma.com/news/dr-michael-roizen-joins-scientific-advisory-board/

#7. A new superfood, Moringa. Helps many health problems. Whoever gets a great promotion out for this first could make a fortune. News stories:
and http://moringabenefits.org/

#8. Astaxanthin. Among the claims approved for a patented form of it, BioAstin, are that it supports joint health, supports healthy skin, supports increased energy levels and supports eye health. Similar product:
http://www.amazon.com/Nutrex-Hawaii-BioAstin-Natural Astaxanthin/dp/B0039ITKU6
and http://www.naturalnews.com/astaxanthin.html

#9. A DMSO and Aloe Vera combination gel. For pain relief. Similar product: http://www.amazon.com/DMSO-70%25-Aloe-30%25 Ounces/dp/B00016QZ0C/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1361555319&sr=88&keywords=dmso+li uid

Mike Pavlish’s Supplement Copywriting (October 2012)

In this issue:

1. 5 words to NEVER use in nutritional supplement copywriting

Some words increase your sales, and some words lose you sales.

These 5 words should be avoided whenever possible in copywriting for nutritional supplements. I can tell you from having written nearly 300 direct response promotions for nutritional supplements, they are SALES-KILLERS that will lower your response dramatically.

1. Instead of “experiment”, use “study”. The word “experiment” conjures up visions of a mad scientist, and high-risk outcomes, but a “study” is solid and proven like “this study proves you will gain …”.

2 and 3. Instead of “may” or “could”, use “will” or “can” depending on what your compliance attorney tells you. Nobody wants to buy something that “may” or “could” give him a benefit. The prospect wants what “will” or at least “can” work for him! Do you want something that “may” help you, or something that “will” help you? If you cast doubt with your copywriting, your sales will suffer.

4. Instead of “buy”, use “invest” or “try”. The word “buy” means risk, as much thinking is done on the primitive Lizard Brain level. Use copywriting that makes the purchase sound smart and risk-free.

5. Instead of “cost”, use “investment”. The last thing anyone needs is another “cost”. It’s a negative, depressing word. But, alas, if the spending is for an “investment”, that’s a smart thing to do!

Want an example?

BAD: This experiment shows you could gain more energy, so buy it today at the attached cost.

GOOD: This study proves you will gain more energy, so make a wise investment and try it today at no risk.

To make sure your copywriting does not contain any of these 5 words, you can use your computer’s spell-check feature to find them before it’s too late.

2. 6 copywriting mistakes to avoid in selling nutritional supplements

#1 Mistake: You don’t differentiate your product and make it unique and superior to similar products
#2 Mistake: You don’t use enough sales copy to promote all your product benefits in a compelling way (The more you tell, the more you sell)
#3 Mistake: You don’t use enough proof, credibility and believability elements
#4 Mistake: You don’t tell what will happen if the prospect does not respond
#5 Mistake: You don’t have great sounding offer
#6 Mistake: You don’t make it urgent and close hard for an immediate response

3. 6 ways to add believability and credibility to your promotions

1. Use and mention studies done at famous medical schools and hospitals
2. Use famous media who have written about the topic or nutrients – (e.g. as seen in …)
3. Use an expert spokesperson to endorse your nutritional supplement
4. Use customer testimonials
5. Use a long and unconditional money-back guarantee
6. Use associations you belong to, years in business, etc.

The most effective copywriting appeals directly to the “lizard brain” of how humans are hardwired. This is why I study NeuroMarketing, a combination of brain science and proven marketing methods.
Think Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. For example if selling hearing aids, I work hard at selling intimacy, more happiness, mobility, independence and love … and NOT just hearing better.

What’s hot now? I have written very profitable direct marketing promotions (online and direct mail) recently for anti-aging skin cream, joint pain relief, digestion problem relief, lifespan extension, memory improvement and weight loss.

Natural Pain Relief
Discovery Stuns Doctors

Texas Woman Almost Arrested
Because She Looks 15 Years Younger
Than Her Actual Age

Announcing The World’s First Nutritional supplement
  from over 500,000 vital nutrient combinations 

Doctor’s New Breakthrough “Looks Inside Your Genes” To Find Out What Nutrients and Dietary Ingredients You Need … Then Gives Them To You In a     Custom-Made Supplement To Help You BE HEALTHIER

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