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Clients say: “the best results of 14 copywriters we’ve hired” and “If you want a big winner, call Mike; he’s the Lebron James of copywriters”, “has made me millions”, “one winner after another for many years”, orders up 350%”and “highest ROI of any copywriter”.

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Double Your Income™ Personal Consultation With Direct Marketing Legend Mike Pavlish!

           Don’t even consider this unless you are seriously ready to double or more your income … within the next year!

           If you qualify, now you can get breakthrough strategies and copywriting ideas to skyrocket your income from a direct marketing legend who has built up and sold his own successful businesses, and made dozens of direct marketers like you very rich or richer!

           As the business owner, you are too close to your business to see the forest for the trees.  You need a fresh set of eyes to point out your roadblocks, mistakes and best actions to take now for rapid profit growth. 

           There are many great “outside the box” ways and NEW BREAKTHROUGH STRATEGIES for your business to save money and make money you don’t see,  aren’t using or don’t even know exist.   My fresh set of expert eyes will reveal these lucrative opportunities to you.

           I’ll spend at least one day before we meet studying your business and marketing .  Then, sitting side by side with you and your team for two (2) exciting days, I’ll apply my list of 34 ways to skyrocket your income including:

  • new headline test ideas

  • new offer test ideas

  • Note:  The two areas above can up to DOUBLE your current response & income
    … and add tens of thousand of additional new customers to your business each year!

  • new media test ideas for diversity and safety of your business

  • old customer re-activation

  • most profitable  new products to develop

  • how to make the most profit using FaceBook and Twitter

  • loyalty / reward program

  • How to TRIPLE the amount  you sell to each new customer in their first year!                          Systematically communicating and selling to your customers more often

  • bundling for higher average sales

  • joint ventures and endorsed promotions

  • database management and segmentation – especially 80/20 marketing

  • creating automatic monthly recurring revenue streams

  • free publicity

  • “big payday”  products, services, events

  • most profitable practices of industry leaders

  • upselling

  • test priorities and testing system

  • time management for less stress, more free time

  • paying less for your media and printing

  • recommend best people and companies for your needs

  • what you should outsource

  • differentiating your business from competitors

  • selling your business if interested

  • plus 11 MORE … and just one of these ideas from this consultation could make you Millions!

            And that's not all:  You can bounce your ideas off me for expert advice, and we can solve your biggest problems and challenges.

            Are you 100% satisfied with your business and the income you make?  How serious are you about  your business success?  If you want to take your business to the next level – and do it as sure, fast, safe and easy as possible — you will act now.

           100% Money-Back Guarantee:   You are guaranteed to get at least 15 specific, actionable ideas, strategies and tips that can skyrocket your income -- or your money will be refunded in full with no questions asked.

            Your investment in this elite consultation can double your income within the next year.  How much extra income does that put in your bank account next year?  Over the next 5 years?  On the flip side, the cost of passing up this opportunity can be millions of dollars in lost profits for you.  The great news is your fee is only $10,000 plus travel expenses if I travel to you.  There are only a small number of available dates left for this year, so call to schedule now: (330) 963-0330                        


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