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Clients say: “the best results of 14 copywriters we’ve hired” and “If you want a big winner, call Mike; he’s the Lebron James of copywriters”, “has made me millions”, “one winner after another for many years”, orders up 350%”and “highest ROI of any copywriter”.

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Fees and Guarantee

This is VERY important, so please read this carefully  ….
First, great copywriting that works COSTS YOU NOTHING and in fact makes you tons of money.  It’s not a cost – it’s an unbeatable return-on-investment. 
Second, great copywriting is NOT a commodity you can shop by price like a bag of potatoes.  You get what you pay for.  What seems most expensive at first usually turns out to be the cheapest  and the best return on investment. 
Warning:  The most expensive copywriting you can buy is “cheap” copywriting that does not work!
My fees reflect the high demand for my copywriting due to my track record for writing breakthrough promotions that skyrocket sales and profits … and make business owners a fortune.
Quality costs more up-front, but ends up being the cheapest in the long run because of the increased profits  it generates.  Since copywriting has the single largest affect on your income... it's NOT smart to be "penny wise, but dollar foolish".
Here’s the key:  My fee can be  “a drop in the bucket" when I write you a promotion that brings you in thousands and thousands of new customers at the lowest possible cost … and can make you a fortune.   In fact, for the past 25 years, many mailings, websites and ads I’ve written for clients like YOU  have made them profits of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars.
With my outstanding and consistent track record, can you cannot afford to hire anyone else? 

Please call me now  at (330) 963-0330 to discuss your needs and goals at no cost or obligation.

I do NOT want YOU to suffer the pains of working with a “cheaper” copywriter who agreed to your deadline and quoted you a cheaper price. 

My prediction? You are about to suffer a painful and costly lesson in the true value of great copywriting.

Here’s what usually happens next:

The cheaper copywriter delivers copy that does NOT work.   The results stink or are fair at best.    You get what you pay for. 

The result:  You lose a lot of time and money.

Great copywriting regularly produces 300% to 1,000% more sales and profits than mediocre copywriting does.  This multiplies your income and customer list in a fraction of the time, with less risk and less anxiety.

A friend of mine once said “you are only one great piece of copywriting away from being rich”.  That’s true.  I’ve made myself and countless clients like you rich from my copywriting over the past 25 years.
Please call me now at (330) 963-0330 to discuss your needs and goals at no cost or obligation.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

We will refund 100% of the copywriting fee you paid if you ask us to make
specific revisions, not based on a change in assignment, within 15 days of receipt
of copy and you are not 100% satisfied.

Call Mike Pavlish TODAY at 330-963-0330 to find out how easily we can create YOUR next big winner. 

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